Why Should You Rent a Concrete Container?

It is not top secret… Concrete is extremely heavy! Construction Dumpster Rentals have with proper weight limits for general construction waste that must be observed on US Public roads. 

Accordingly, WGC offers special rent a dumpster pricing exclusively for concrete, asphalt, block, stone, and dirt. These raw materials can be reprocessed at recycle facilities… Helping to keep our environment clean and safe.

Concrete bins are ideal for slab removals, driveways and tearing down of a retaining wall.

Our all-inclusive pricing gets rid of any shocks during billing. The price you see is the price you get! We intend to be forthright and crystal clear with all our partners!

Concrete Container Rentals

Why should you rent a concrete dumpster? Let’s be real… Concrete is an exceptionally heavy material, and its bulk can go over the limitations of traditional construction dumpster. 

Clean Concrete Dumpster Rental

This implies you will be experiencing more cost than you may have budgeted for…. We Got Containers offers special cost for raw material such as concrete, dirt, asphalt, block, and stone. Our concrete dumpsters are perfect for jobs such as home and business renovations, driveways, and slab removals… along with retaining wall demolitions. You will never be shocked when the bill arrives! Our all-inclusive cost is transparent and best to work with.

Container Rentals that will Save Money & Time on Concrete Debris Removal

Whether you are pulling up a walkway or concluding a full-scale demo, our Clean Concrete Dumpster Rental Services can support you efficiently in eliminating broken concrete, block, Dirt, and asphalt from jobs of all different sizes. We work hard to offer swift deliveries and pick-ups. Our low All-Inclusive flat rates… allows you to keep your work area clear and neat of waste for less cost.

Find the Ideal Concrete Dumpster Rental for your Heavy Debris

You can discard of up to 10 cubic yards of concrete using just a 10-yard container. Our 10-yard bin is the common concrete dumpster, but you can also acquire a 20-yard clean concrete container in various areas, * given that it is only filled to the 1/2 Marker.

Concrete Dumpster Size Ideal For:

10-Yard Dumpster

  • Driveways & Concrete Slab Removals
  • Teardowns & Retaining Walls
  • Business Remodels & Home Remodels
  • Demo Endeavors

*Heavy debris loads are limited to a ceiling of 10 tons on US Roadways – this suggests a 20-yard container can only be ½ filled with clean concrete. The weight limits may differ by location – please ask a team member for more information.

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An Exceptional Clean Concrete Debris Removal Solution

A knowledge mission calls for a skilled removal solution… You can count on We Got Containers! We provide cost-effective concrete dumpster services at affordable costs to keep your job on budget & on time. 

We are just a phone call removed from a free dumpster quote, just select the dumpster size and set-up your delivery. Do you have impending jobs? Let our customer service team know…  And we can put together a complete waste management answer for you.

  • Economical: Our All-Inclusive cost allows you & your customer to save funds.
  • Fast: Get appropriate delivery & pick-ups with one call to our CS Team.
  • Straightforward: We can Switch-Out & deliver extra dumpsters so you in no way must slow down progress.
  • Dedicated Support Team: Hook up quickly with your CS Team Member to manage your all-continuing disposal obligations.

Recycled Clean Concrete:

  • Reusable clean concrete should not have any construction debris, waste, metal, plants, roots, or any other raw material other than concrete. If any other matter is in the concrete dumpster…It is deemed polluted, and customer will have to pay for disposing of the contents based on tonnage. The clean concrete is mashed, recycled, and used for making gravel and/or asphalt. When concrete is covered with lead-based paint… the concrete is deemed tainted. We can haul away contaminate free “clean” concrete… making concrete removal an uncomplicated and economical procedure.
  • The maximum weight for our clean concrete containers is 10 tons or 20,000 pounds equivalent in our 10-Yard Dumpsters.

Do It Yourself Job / Are you Considering a Home Project

We deliver clean concrete container rentals for homeowners too!

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Concrete Dumpster Costs

The average cost to rent a 10-yard concrete dumpster is around $595… with costs ranging between $595 & $695. This will permit you to dispose of up to 10 tons of clean concrete without having to leave your jobsite. In contrast… the cost to haul 10 tons of concrete debris to the dump with labor costs between $600 and $900, excluding the costs of the rental truck, “today’s” gas prices or time spent moving the supplies.

If you have a significant number of clean concrete/debris to get rid of… having a concrete Roll-Off Container on hand is far simpler and more cost-effective than hauling it by hand.

What is Acceptable in a Concrete Dumpster?

There are a very few types of heavy debris we can haul in a concrete container:

  • Clean Concrete: Concrete that is without building waste. No Trash is ever accepted.
  • Asphalt & Brick: Brick and Asphalt from construction or pavement demos.
  • Mixed Heavy Debris: Any arrangement of clean concrete & other heavy objects, such as brick, block, dirt, and asphalt.

clean concrete dumpster


Items that cannot be thrown into a concrete dumpster include:

  • Concrete Slurry: While solid concrete is allowed, you cannot use clean dumpsters for concrete slurry disposing. You will need a different waste management answer for concrete slurry blends to pick up any leftover mix.
  • Other Prohibited Items: Numerous hazardous or combustible material are not at all authorized to be thrown into a concrete dumpster. Always certify forbidden items never enter your clean concrete dumpster.

Elimination of clean concrete can often be achieved with one of our clean concrete containers. WGC can also haul away various heavy waste if all items are free of trash, lead-based paint, wet paints, and substantial quantities of rebar & other metal.

Due to highway standards, our trucks can haul up to… but no more than 10-tons of concrete. The safest dumpster size for clean concrete waste removal is typically a 10 cubic yard dumpster. Nevertheless… you may also rent a 20-yard dumpster and fill it only ½ way. If you are dumping more than 10 tons of concrete… we can deliver numerous dumpsters and coordinate for timely switch-outs to keep your job on track and within cost.

Do You Have More Projects to Work On…? Please consider Partnering with WGC.

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Where does concrete waste come from?

Outdoor restoration and destruction often cause in the elimination of concrete to create a clean slate for renovation. Think about this… If you are preparing to replace concrete with grass, resurface driveway or parking-lot or renovate the design of an estate or even restore a foundation… Typically massive amounts of concrete and rubble are left behind and those need to be removed in a suitable manner.

Our waste removal and hauling teams are waiting to answer questions. We will assist in making your concrete waste disappear in a moment.

We deliver for commercial junk removal and building contractors, as well as renovation debris removal for residential DIY Homeowners. No job is too big or small for our team at WGC.

We Offer Low-Cost Concrete Removal

Our Concrete Dumpster Rental makes removal of heavy waste like asphalt, dirt, and concrete straightforward and economical. Our concrete dumpsters are a great choice for removing demo waste, parking lot repairs, driveway replacements & more.

  • Quick delivery & processing times assist you get the job done quickly.
  • Concrete dumpster measurements & weight limitations may vary by service area. (Typically, a 10-Yard dumpster is delivered)
  • Expanded days allowed to give you enough time to complete your job, negligible fee for extra days if necessary.
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is ready to assist you with any inquiries and dumpster related requirements.

How We Dispose or Discard Concrete

We delivery Concrete Dumpster Rentals for many of our service areas… These are utilized for concrete, dirt, asphalt, block, and brick elimination differing by location.

Guidelines for renting our Concrete Roll-Off Container are as below:

  • Weight Limits: 10 tons is the highest weight limit our trucks can lawfully haul. Anything over that is regarded overloaded and contrary to the law to haul as per DOT state laws. 10 tons of concrete, dirt, block, asphalt, and brick is equivalent to a 10 Yard Dumpster.
  • Overloading: A 20-Yard Roll-Off Container can only be filled halfway when loading heavy waste or it will exceed the max weight limit of 10 tons.

 Asphalt and Concrete recycling made easy…

Our company reprocesses as much construction waste as possible, as well as concrete & asphalt… We try to make our world an eco-friendlier place. We work with local recycling centers and amenities to properly repurpose concrete.

The reconditioning of concrete is crushed into recycled mass that is crushed into varied sizes. This raw material can be utilized for pavement or binding of asphalt for building jobs… This green initiative along with enhancing our ecosystem helps to save money and resources.

Much of what we do as a waste removal business is positioned around being an environmentally friendly partner. 

Container Rental for Asphalt

Are you looking to rent an asphalt container?  Before you select a business other than We Got Containers to manage your asphalt dumpster rental… Please confirm you know all the specifics of your job and how it transmits to your asphalt removal obligations.  Asphalt is an extremely heavy material, which suggests that you not only require a container capable to manage the weight of the asphalt, but in addition a sturdy truck for hauling this asphalt container.  Furthermore… you must be aware of the environmental consequences of asphalt disposal, making it essential that you pick a full-service waste management & disposal company.

Please bear in mind that asphalt is extremely heavy.  Asphalt’s thickness is 145 pounds per cubic foot, which implies that its weight is nearly 4,000 pounds per cubic yard.  This makes it the heaviest universally used building raw material that you will likely to be tackled with during routine demolitions or renovations.  The size of the dumpster that you need is established by the weight, not because of the container’s capability… More significantly it’s the hauling ability of the trucks being utilized to haul off this asphalt bin.

We want to stay away from any over-weight risks… Therefore, we want to service these opportunities with a 10-yard asphalt bin… This is sized perfectly for small jobs, like removing a one-car driveway, and should only be filled to within 1 foot from the top to avert an over-weight charge.

Asphalt necessitates being properly filled into the Roll-Off dumpster for the welfare of all concerned. Because of disposal rules asphalt dumpsters need to be filled with asphalt ONLY.  If you require a mixed-use bin for concrete & asphalt … No Problem. Please let us know in advance so we can provide accurate cost.  Merely letting us know in advance, so that we can give a precise pricing for discarding.

One more thing to consider about when you are working with asphalt dumpsters is that the tonnage of the asphalt. Together with the weight of the container… This blend has the potential to harm the storage area.  We suggest using plywood underneath the dumpster for weight allocation to reduce the likelihood of damaging any surface.

Contact We Got Containers to find out more about renting a container for your demolition waste.

Concrete Dumpster Service in Texas

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